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SCHURR Service & FAQ


We are happy to answer your questions. Whether for buying guides or for service or in case of problems - we are here for you. Contact us!


Our services and prices are fair and honest. Quality has its price and prevails - we are convinced and that is our incentive.



All our products are very durable. For all our products we can deliver spare parts even after decades. Spare parts are delivered worldwide. All our products can be easily repaired.


We answer frequently asked questions - FAQs - on various issues.

Contact us and we will answer your questions.


Which dealers are selling SCHURR products?

  • Here is a selection of distributors that sell our products.

Can I buy directly from SCHURR?

  • Many dealers distribute our products - alternatively, you can buy products directly from us.

How much are the products?

  • Call us or send us an email with your address - immediately you will receive an offer.

Can I buy online?

  • Yes, since spare parts can be ordered directly online.


What to do if I have a problem with a SCHURR product?

  • Call us or contact your dealer - please note the year of manufacture and the serial number of your SCHURR product

Can I download partlist of drawings?

  • Please go to:
  • Choose your language
  • Enter the serial no.
  • Download the specific information of your SCHURR cow-brush

Is there an on-site service?

  • No, this service can not be offered. The replacement of parts you simply do it yourself or by appointment with your local dealer.

Which problem solutions are there?

  • With our service pages we can provide numerous instructions, help and information.


What trade shows the company is represented?