The back area is difficult to access for care and massage. Seleective cleaning is desired. Our SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush-system fulfils optimal the demands and needs of your cows. Nowadays automatic cow-brushes are the standard equipment on the farms.


With a horizontal brush:

  • clean
  • massage
  • stimulate
  • scratch

the back of your cows!

SCHURR cow-brush


With one horizontal and one vertical brush a selective cleaning of the back, breast and sides is possible. 
It’s an established fact that using our SCHURR 2-brush-system increases the well-being of your cows.


With a vertical brush:...

  • clean
  • massage
  • stimulate
  • scratch

the breast, sides and the head of your cows!

SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush-system


Since 1992 there is for us only one solution for the full and complete cleaning and massage of milking cows - a 2-brush-system with horizontal and vertical brush.

With no 1-brush-system, whether swinging or diagonal movement, you'll achieve the same effect as with a SCHURR -brush system!


Use a 2-brush system to reach the highest possible cleaning and massage area.


Schurr, for sure - the original:


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