Our SCHURR cow-brush is unique and differ to all other cow brush-systems:

  • patented construction for easy up and down movement about 25 cm (9,8 inch), best body adaption

  • movable to all directions - through strong elastic rubbers - unique advantage of a SCHURR cow-brush

  • energy-saving PM-motor

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SCHURR cow-brush type D22 green/white
SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush-system type D22 green/white


Thousands of cow-brushes are worldwide in use. For more than 25 years, our cow brush is characterized by:

  • non-kink bristles made of 100% Nylon

  • stable, robust and service-free gearbox

  • less space requirements

  • suitable for outdoor

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SCHURR cow-brush: flexible to all directions
SCHURR cow-brush: flexible to all directions


Survey about cow-brushes - november 2013:„SCHURR is the best.“

TOP-AGRAR (Germany‘s well-known agricultural magazine) 

  • 2 year warranty on all parts

  • very long service life, fully hot-dip galvanized 

  • very long service life, fully hot-dip galvanized 

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SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush-system type B00
SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush-system type B00 green/white

Secure your dairy's sustainability bonus now! With a SCHURR cow brush you get additional points for QM & animal welfare!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" - but a video says much more!

On pictures cow-brushes look similar - in the video and in practice you see the differences. Quality has its price. Quality counts.

Send us a photo of your SCHURR cow brush -

we will publish your photos on our website and send you by mail a small gift.


All our products are developed by ourselves and are manufactured in our own production here in Germany by us.

Parts are manufactured specifically and exclusively for us.

Long-term partnerships with our suppliers ensure reliability and consistent quality.

  • standard motor 230 V / 50 Hz - 0,37 KW (UL/CSA, 60 Hz, , 220V etc. also available) - NEW: type D22 with energy-saving PM-motor

  • Average consumption PM-motor ca. 160 W/h (Standard-Motor ca. 280 W/h)

  • size adjustment of approx. 25 cm/9,8"
  • weight ca. 130 kg / 286 lbs

  • recommended installation height ca. 1,50 m (59") bis 1,57 m (62") from floor

  • less space requirements, only 1,1 m (43") from wall to the front of the upper brush

  • brushes shaped to fit body contours
  • up to 100 cows/unit - period of use: approx. 8 - 10 min per day per cow

  • 60 rotations per minute

  • constant angle of the brushes (100°)

  • changes the direction of rotation when overload  occurs


Since 2017, the SCHURR 2 brush system is also available for grazing cows!


The system consists of:


  • SCHURR cow brush type D22
  • Concrete block with space/storage for 2 batteries
  • 2x batteríes
  • Charge controller
  • inverter
  • powerful solar panel
  • bracket made of galvanized steel

The total weight incl. SCHURR cow brush is about 1150 kg - more pictures you can find above in the picture gallery.


If you are interested you can order the system directly here or if you have further questions please call us.


Leaflet/brochures SCHURR cow-brush SCHURR hoof trimming box - April 2022
SCHURR cow-brush hoof trimming march2022
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