SCHURRfix - for 'simple' animal Care

the rigid SCHURR brush - new since May '23

  • Scratching or scrubbing brush for coat care and massage for cow, bull, calf, goat, pig, donkey, horse, zoo animals,... and many other animals!
  • High-quality, abrasion-resistant and kink-resistant brushes made of the best material, guaranteeing a longer service life. 
  • For quick and easy mounting on concrete, brick or wooden walls, etc.
  • By mounting a SCHURRfix you comply with the guidelines of various animal welfare initiatives and animal husbandry regulations. 

Available in two different lengths: 

SCHURRfix 'Typ500' - 500 mm / 3.1 kg

SCHURRfix 'Typ1000' - 1000 mm / 6.6 kg

video and photos

the SCHURRfix in action: 

PS: Send us your pictures of a SCHURRfix brush in action - we will be happy to publish them on our website and reward each submission with a small gift.

The new SCHURRfix - for 'simple' animal care
Here you can find the current flyer for the new rigid SCHURR brush 'SCHURRfix'.
Flyer SCHURRFIX english.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.5 MB