Lameness is a major problem in milking dairy farms worldwide. Regularly hoofs care is as important as feeding. On the hoofs lies heavy the whole weight. 

Trimming hoofs as required, and treating problems as soon as they occur can save money on vet fees, antibiotics, and lost production. 
Good facilities can reduce these problems.
With a SCHURR hoof trimming box you are equipped at  best:


  • stable and robust SCHURR hoof trimming box fulfils all needs of modern hoof trimming 

  • best cost/performance ratio

  • guaranteed a secure fixing of your cow/legs

  • front neck frames adjustable


Your cows can walk in at the back. Two neck frames are fixing the cow in the front. When treatment is finished the neck frames can be opened widely and the cows can walk out at the front. 
Optional you can order your SCHURR hoof trimming box with 2 rubber/air wheels. For more transport comfort on your farm. 


Standard equipment:

  • 2x flexible forefoot winches - can be fixed at  various positions. In each case for left and right legs

  • 1x rear foot winch with optimal working height (ca. 90 cm)

  • back stroke safety cranks from well-known producers

  • 1x belly girth winch with chains and very stable belly girths


Hundreds of farmers are treating the hoofs of their cows in a SCHURR hoof trimming box!

Also farmers with yearly professionals, external hoof trimmers are using our box if lameness occurs.

They appreciate a high quality SCHURR hoof trimming box which fulfils all needs to treat the hoofs of their cows!


Standard equipment:

  • steel plate floor continuous, with rubber floor material/rubber mat, for greater cow comfort and more grip

  • excrement protection made of steel plate, protection of contamination while working  
  • rear locking closes independent - easy and fast closing of the back door

Leaflet/brochures SCHURR cow-brush SCHURR hoof trimming box - September 2023
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Find a practice video from our SCHURR hoof trimming box.

 We will send you reference addresses in your area.


This is a video of our 'old' model of SCHURR hoof trimming box:

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gladly we publish them on our website and reward each shipment with a little gift.


  • full hot-dip galvanized
  • steel plate floor continuous, with rubber floor material/rubber mat
  • excrement protection made of steel plate, protection of contamination while working
  • ca. 2,35 m x 1,06 m x 1,7 m 
    (ca. 92" x 41" x 66")

  • weight 230 kg/507 lbs
  • wheel unit as a option (not standard)

  • soft webbings for fixing the legs incl.

  • More optional extras on request.