2-brush-system for CALVES


"Well cared for is half-feeded."

Regular brushing increases the wellbeing of your calves. By raising the brush, the 2-brush-system is automatically switched on from the calves. Different heights are perfectly balanced by our patented parallelogramgram construction.


  • 2-brush system for a selective and effective cleaning

  • about 30 cm (ca. 11,8 inch) height adjustment

  • quality NYLON brushes

  • accessible from all sides. 
    Maximum safety for your animals!


The housing of calves in groups allows free access to the automatic brush. The calves deal daily with the grooming. All parts of the body to be cleaned and massaged by your animals.

SCHURR calve-brush 2-brush-system

In 2002 we installed the first calf brush 2-brush-system. The ‘German Federal Research Institute for Agriculture’ was starting a special calve project, called: “Optimized group housing of calves in organic dairy farms”


Invest early into your future - the well-kept calves of today are your miking cows with high performance tomorrow!

Our 2-brush system is suitable for calves of a few days until the age of ca. 6 months - for young cattle we recommend our 2 brush-system for milking cows type B00 or type C12.


We are market leader with many new agricultural products for the animal welfare.

Our experience is your advantage! With new ideas we are more effective than a lot of our competitors. 

Our aim is it to provide you with best solutions for your animals: SCHURR, for sure. 


"A picture is worth a thousand words" - but a video says much more!

See for yourself, how happy are the pigs when brushing and massaging at SCHURR 2-brush system. Selective cleaning is possible everywhere.

Send us a photo of your SCHURR calf brush -

we will publish your photos on our website and send you by mail a small gift.


All our products are developed by ourselves and are manufactured in our own production here in Germany by us.

Parts are manufactured specifically and exclusively for us.

Long-term partnerships with our suppliers ensure reliability and consistent quality.

  • motor - 230 V / 50 Hz, ready to plug, 
  • 2 m connection cable 
  • (other versions on request)

  • weight ca. 90 kg/198 lbs

  • patented parallelogram construction
  • height adjustment min. 300 mm

  • recommended mounting height approximately ca. 1,67 m/65,7" from floor

  • formfitting brush shape

  • suitable for outdoor and indoor installation
  • rotation ca. 60 U / min

  • one SCHURR pig brush up to ca. 120 sows

  • constant angle of the brushes (ca. 100°)